My name is Ezekiel Victor, and I'm 20 years old (at time of writing; now 33. —Zeke). I love to play jazz music and pursue immensely complicated programming projects on a whim without stopping to consider how incredibly time-consuming and difficult they are to complete. But that's how I learn.

Often times I think deeply about the weirdest details. For example, I considered for the third-to-last word of the second sentence of the above paragraph (how difficult the complicated ideas are to complete) using the words "will be," since the ideas might neither be time-consuming nor difficult until after I begin working on them. However, I stuck with "are" for two reasons:

  1. If I'm able to consider pursuing the ideas, then I'm also able to consider how time-consuming and difficult they are, and indeed they carry those traits inherently as ideas that can be pursued, whether or not I actually pursue them.
  2. I didn't say specifically that I'm restricting myself to stop and consider how time-consuming and difficult they are before progress is under way. You can just as well assume that I meant doing the stopping and considering after I had already begun pursuing the ideas.

You and I can probably have an engaging conversation on just about any topic, and productive conversation is something I love very much. With that in mind, I encourage you to post in the forums (Too much spam! Removed forum. —Zeke) or contact me personally, and most likely we'll have something in common.